Types of Oats!?

Is it okay to use plain ol’ quick cook oats rather than whole rolled oats, or jumbo oats?? I know the theory that one has a higher GI than the other, but is there reeeeally any truth behind this, and does it affect what type of oats you would buy? Does anyone notice a difference from eating one type in comparison to another? Or is it just another of those things that people get caught up in, like the whole ‘eating carbs at night’ thing??

It’s the kind of thing you don’t have to worry about if you weight 131 lbs.

OP, I highly doubt you’re 5% bodyfat.

[quote]Contrl wrote:
OP, I highly doubt you’re 5% bodyfat.[/quote]

Lol, can I ask why??

I would suggest getting the rolled oats. I have read they are less processed and have more fiber than the quick oats.