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Types of Condoms

My wife is going off the pill which means; using stupid condoms. I haven’t had to use one in about 5 years (thank god), but I remember that they sucked. It’s just not the same. Is any man out there using a condom that gets them as close to the same sensation as not using one? If so what brand and name? Any recommendations from personal experience would be great!

Durex Ultra Thin. I have to check that sucker every few minutes to see if it is still on.

Hey, I’m about to be in the same boat and would be interested in any replies. Also, do you guys who are doing this use them all month or do you only do this during a certain time window.

Veljko P, Thanks!!

I would say yes. Or it depends on how bad you don’ want a kid. :slight_smile:

Kimono Micro Thins (I think, they come in a blue box with thin white pinstripes). Have to use them all month. The only time my wife feels ‘safe’ is during her period and she usually doesn’t feel like doing it then (she only allowed that once in about three years). Looking forward to getting fixed, either me or her, not sure which yet.

If you don’t like condoms then why not try something like the vaginal contraceptive film. It’s a small piece of film stuff (kind of looks like Suran Wrap)which contains spermacide. She inserts it and in about 15 minutes it is dissolved and you can have sex. It does take away from the spontenaety of things, but at least you won’t have to bother with wrapping.

I just can’t stand the smell of burning rubber. I’ve been “dropping the post outside the mailbox” for all except the first ten days of her cycle for about ten years now without mishap, but am interested in what other forms of contraception people are using. Anyone tried those sub dermal implants for men.