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Types of Coconut Oil

I was just at the store looking at some different things, and I noticed two different types of coconut oil in the “Organic/Health Foods” section. One was Virgin Coconut Oil which cost a couple bucks more, but said it was naturally unrefined and for up to medium heat. The other was a naturally refined “regular” Coconut Oil and it said for up to medium-high heat. The nutritional content was the same and the only difference appears to be the refining and cooking differences.

After reading about the benefits of Coconut Oil from Berardi and others, I am just wondering which one may be more healthful? Also, Coconut Oil is supposed to be able to be used on high heat, whereas Olive Oil is for medium heat and below. This is why I was a little confused with the labelling. Any ideas?

For the stuff I have bought:
unrefined virgin = taste like coconut and supposedly better for you, cost a couple $ extra
refined virgin = has neutral taste, supposedly not as good as unrefined, a couple $ cheaper

Either one should be good for high heat, and as long as they don’t contain transfat they both should be fine health wise, the main difference I see is the taste.

Ok, thanks. I’ll probably just end up trying both to see.

The cheap stuff taste so bad I won’t eat it. I recommend Barlean’s as the best tasting and best smelling IMO.