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Types of Cardio for Different Neurotypes?

Apologies if you have covered this, I don’t remember seeing it anywhere.

Are there recommendations for different types of cardio for each neurotypes?

Such as type of cardio, length, intensity, frequency etc…

I’ve had great results adapting my training based on your advice, now I’m in a leaning down phase I want to make sure I’m hitting the right buttons.

I’m a 2A but probably leaning to 2B now because of a stressful few months

Thanks CT

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The same rule applies as with lifting:

Type 1A are all about intensity. They should have the shortest but most intense workouts. They also should avoid excessive adrenaline production (which can go against the short and intense cardio bouts). The best options for them are heavy loaded carries for 20-30 meters (farmer’s walk, Zercher carries, prowler pushing) with ample rest between sets (75-90 sec). They can also do reasonably well on on/off intervals … sprint 30-45 sec / complete rest 75-90 sec

Type 1B are all about explosiveness. Their cardio work should also be short and intense like 1A BUT the pace and speed can both be faster. They do great on regular HIIT, sprints, prowler sprints, assault bike sprints, rower sprints, etc.

With type 2A everything works, but nothing works for long. They also get mentally fatigue when they do the same thing for too long. They can do all types of cardio mentioned here but they would either change the type every day or stick to one type for around 2 weeks before changing.

With 2Bs I like to use a mix of lighter loaded carries (not focusing on speed) for a duration of round 45-70 sec per set and steady sttate cardio. 2Bs are those who normally have the best lactic acid tolerance. Using longer loaded carriy sets or medleys can maximize lactic acids which in itself can help fat loss. They can either do 2 days of loaded carries and 2 days of steady state cardio, or mix both on every session in smaller amounts.

Type 3 are designed for endurance so longer duration cardio sessions will be their best option


Perfect thank you ct.

One more thing - what about when to put the cardio sessions for the types - before/after lifting ? Same day/different day?

This quote, and the cardio explanations that followed, immediately provided clarity regarding the type of lifting I/we can incorporate into our lifting routines. I suspect that most of us have tried various lifting techniques at some point, but usually gravitated toward one type of cardo. For example, long distance runners generally continued running a variety of long distances throughout their careers, while sprinters enjoyed a variety of shorter distances. As such, knowing the cardio we like can probably simplify the neurotype lifting we can utilize.

Regarding cardio before or after lifting, I’m certain that under ideal circumstances running should be done on a different day, or at least separated by 6 hours or so. I’m not as sure about the carries; it appears they are usually programmed after the lifting sessions.

Thanks to DIPS33 for raising the question and of course, CT, for his continued coaching insight.

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