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Types of Carbs Pre/Post-Workout

I have question regarding nutrition before & after a workout.Are all my meals supposed to be filled with complex carbs (potatoes,brown rice, bread etc.) before my workout for the energy, or after??? or would it be best to just stick with veggies/fruit with protein and save the complex carbs with protein for after a workout??

PRE WORKOUT- when it comes to pre workout meals, would it be ok to just have a protein shake with milk and a banana??

POST WORKOUT SHAKE-directly after a workout I’ve heard people say your body needs to have sugar to carry the protein, other people say just to have oats with a protein shake. Would it be alright to have a protein shake with a granola bar??

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I just finished reading nutrition for newbies 1 & 2, but I still have a couple questions. If a person has goals that are primarily strength, where size is secondary, would they stick with eating more veggies and fruits with protein before their workout and save the complex carbs for after the workout?? also, what can be a subsititute for Surge post-workout, if I don’t have it?

Complex carbs are good for before workouts, they give you energy