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Type of Test in AndroGel/Androderm?


I'm curious what type of Testosterone is in Androgel because it just says "Testosterone USP" and as I understand it, there are many types of Testosterone?

And the AndroDerm patch which I've been changed to, I'm curious what type of Testosterone it is.

Thank you so much!


It is TNE, Testosterone, no ester. Basically, for Test to be absorbed through the skin, or any molecule for that matter, it needs to have a molecular weight under 300 (along with a substance to carry it across the skin and into the blood stream). I believe TNE is 296 or so.
Since it has no ester it needs to be applied everyday to keep the blood concentration of it higher. Testosterone with its esters: Propionate, Cypionate and Enanthate make the molocule too large (heavy) to pass through your skin.


I've been looking for that information, PKNY. I have some straight T that is not suitable for injection, but might be used either transdermally or sublungually. How do I learn more on effective doses and any agents that might help absorption?


I have been researching the whole subject since starting HRT last summer.
There are a bunch of formulas on message boards.