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Type of Hypertrophy Produced by 20 Rep


I am planning on starting this next week but have a question first:

I've only heard positive comments regarding this routine but what kind of hypertrophy does it produce? Is it sarcomeric or sarcoplasmic? The reason I ask is because I dont want to do this for appearance...I just finished a solid strength phase and got my strength deficit to only 8%. Now it's time to add some functional mass.

I'd guess that it is sarcoplasmic hypertrophy due to the high reps but not too sure on that since it is really your 10RM. Anyone? ...

Recht schönen Dank!


Buddy of mine worked up to 315x20 and increased his 1rep max. It's a squat. It'll make everything bigger and stronger and it'll be "functional" too.


Is it common to see increases in 1RM from this routine or was your buddy an exception? Do you know his pre/post 1RM? Ya I know squats are king, but there is a diff between the 2 types of hypertrophy...

If you have performed this routine, please let me know of your experience.


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my guess is if you can squat 315x20 you will have big legs.

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The kind that makes you bigger and stronger.


Intelligent response...thanks


Do the program. Hard and Heavy. You'll grow and become stronger.


WTF does that mean


Probably following one of those what athlete x weighing y should be able to do in exercise z.


You may be better served for performance by warming up to a 5x5 in the squats and keeping the same weight throughout the 5x5. It should be a weight that will bust your nuts, not literally. Oh, and you still gotta go deep with these.

Tom Platz had an infamous 20 rep squat but his max was not so amazing. I think it was Fred Hatfield that did 50% to 75% the number of reps at 500lbs but his raw squat was about 200lbs heavier than Platz.


I think he's refering to concentric vs eccentric strength difference, but lets wait and see what the op says.


Hey dude,

How much weight do ya reckon you'll be starting this program with?


Ive been doing widows every monday for the last three months and my squat has gone up considerably.


In a nutshell your strength deficit is the % diff between your absolute (potential) strength and your actual strength. tells you where u stand in regards to your training...low % means you're using most of the motor units and its time to move on to a mass phase...


Not sure if you mean body weight or 10RM, but...
BW: 185lbs 8-9%BF
10RM: 190-210lbs (not sure cuz i havent been that high in reps for awhile)

why do u ask? is this prog geared more toward those with a 10RM of say 315? if so, IYO, what would be a minimum 10RM to start?

Thanks to those who actually helped in their responses :slightly_smiling:


My guess is he's asking because for a person who squats roughly bodyweight for sets of ten to be worrying about what type of hypertrophy a program will elicit is asinine. Also, unless your 7'4", at 185 with a squat of 250-275 your not as strong as you can possibly be at that weight or anywhere near it.


So, what is your absolute strength and what is your actual strength right now? How do you calculate potential strength?


There really isn't a minimum (within reason), your 10rm is fine for starting this program.


So how exactly do you know your "absolute" strength?