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Type of Fats in Natural Peanut Butter


What type of fats are in Peanut Butter? MCT?



No. largely it's Linoleic acid (omega 6), which is both inflammatory and oxidative. Most Americans would be better off with less of it.




I pour out the oil sitting at the top of natural PB and either eat like that or mix in extra virgin olive oil.


Another option is using peanut flour. Because it is defatted, you can add any oils you like. I like macadamia nut oil with coconut oil, & ground sprouted flax seeds. Adding a tryptophan source would make this omega balanced, high fiber food a complete protein.


If you can afford it almond butter has a better omega 6:3 ratio and it's quite tasty. I get mine right from the grinder at the store, it has one ingredient: ground almonds.


Another option, which Dani Shugart pointed out, is using peanut flour if wanting the peanut effect.

If still needing an oil, any suitable oil might be used. I'd particularly recommend macadamia, but for example coconut would also be a good choice.

(EDIT: I hadn't seen the other new posts yet, including where BT had already said the same.)