Type I Diabetic - Nutritional Strategy?

I know a middle-age lady who is a type I diabetic and is looking to lose fat. Obviously her diet will be the biggest factor here. Anyway she trains with my boss at a health club that uses the APEX system. Well, she has her on a 60% carb, 20% protein and fat diet. Since her body doesn’t produce insulin, does this mean she can’t become insulin resistant or sensitve? What would an approriate diet for her? My club unfortunately believes that calories determine everything and that macronutrient ratios are only useful for energy levels and therefore they do not think too deep about diet. Anyone out there have any input on this?

Your club doesn’t have a clue about nutrition.Macronutrient ratios most certainly make a difference.A low carb diet will encourage your body to burn fat for fuel,as long as adequate fat is supplied in the diet.A high carb diet will encourage your body to burn sugar for fuel.The constant stress on the pancreas from a high carb diet,due to its insulin stimulating effects,is the last thing your friend needs.I would encourage your friend to start reading some low carb literature.Atkins’andProtein Power' books give a great run down on the problems of high carb diets and excessive insulin release,but I don't like the emphasis on saturated fat laden protein sources.I think the best strategy is a paleolithic type diet such as that outlined in Neanderthin’ by Ray Audette.This diet emphasises lean meats,preferably game meats,seafood,nuts,seeds,cold-pressed oils,fresh vegetables,fruits.No grains.I also know someone who was personally able to dramatically reduce the amount of insulin they needed by following the `Zone’ diet.In short,low to moderate carbs,adequate quality protein,adequate healthy fats with most meals with an emphasis on omega-3 sources,adequate supplementation that includes magnesium and chromium picolinate,B-complex ,vitamin E,and frequent feedings spaced out 2-3 hours throughout the day should all help.Whatever your friend chooses to do,if she is taking insulin she should have a doc monitor her as she implements changes in her diet.Good luck.

I don’t know what part of the country your in, but if this lady is interested in my help, maybe you can post so we can get in touch.
In any event, good luck to her.