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Type I Diabetes and PWO Nutrition

Does anyone have any advice/experience re: training nutrition and type I diabetes? Mainly what to do around the workout sessions. I.e. advive to take simple CHO to increase insulin response is pretty pointless for me (as I produce no insulin). However because I know my muscles are more insulin receptive post workout, should I try and take more complex carbs, or is the benefit derived from simple CHO?

Please note I’m after qualified advice, not peoples well meaning guesses; because if I get this wrong I get quite ill, thanks

I havent revised my notes on diabetes yet so take my advise with a pinch of salt, but dont forget that depending on the training you do you might want to replenish glycogen stores, so having some carbs in there might not be so pointless… if i think of anything over the next couple of weeks (ill be studying like a dog) ill tell you…

Qualified or not this isn’t the place for that kind of advice.

No matter what carb load you chose either way you have to try and keep your BS levels between 100 and 200 mg/dl (really 120 to 180) - that is a given as far as I know, please correct me if i am wrong. Also is dependent on the time of day, hyration etc - I am assuming you know all this!

The only place to get the advice you need is at the docs. Push and get referred.

Your best bet might to consult with one of the T-Nation nutritionists. Either wait until Prime Time or take a look on their websites. Many of them offer phone consultations which would allow you to get an indepth and accurate solution.

Cheers for the feedback people; I did ask my docs when I got diagnosed but they were pretty useless - I did the opposite of what they said; and got BS levels to within the right ranges (my long term values are equivalent to normal people apparently).

Will try the board nutritionists websites and see what they say…

You just have to push. Remeber they are there to serve you. Even with the wealth of talent here you are going to be hard pushed to get an accurate assessment over t’internt.