Type 3 with Low Energy

Coach Thibs,

Do you have any suggestions for a type 3 who lacks energy on a daily basis and often feels sluggish? I don’t necessarily like caffeine because it increases my anxiety. I purchased the Type 3 Mass Gain Diet and didn’t see any recommendations as far as daily energy.

Thanks I’m advance.

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@jtbrown0511 Hello!

I would like to start by saying that neurotype 3 profile, due to its own neurobiology tend to have a chronic excessive cortisol production and poor insulin sensitivity, situation that conduces the organism to feel in lack of energy. This means that you ideally “must” have a controlling behavior at the amount of carbs intake per meal, taking in consideration that this also means that you have to limit them to prevent an increase of “fat-tissue”. As hard as it sounds, this neurotype profile (type 3) have a hard time gaining muscle mass and getting leaner. But not an impossible task! As Thibaudeau suggests in his Neurotyping System, this profile needs the most highest carbohydrate intake than the other ones. Remember, type 3 profile doesn’t handle stress matters pretty well, so the natural response of the organism is to over produce cortisol (which is catabolic, preventing the efficiency in the protein synthesis at building muscle tissue). What all this means? That you need to have decent levels of glucose on the bloodstream BEFORE your organism releases cortisol. Try to sustain a steady intake of carbohydrates during the day.

Another aspect to have in mind is that Type 3 profiles have low serotonin production levels, and this neurotransmitter production is highly correlated with carbohydrates intake. So this contributes to having better levels of serotonin which promotes a better disposition at handling stress, preventing excessive cortisol release. You can approach this matter with a supplement product solution, in which case I recommend you to consult the BIOTEST products.

Christian suggests having 6 to 8 carbs feeding through day, but NEVER going above like 20 to 25 grams of carbohydrates per intake until insulin sensitivity is fixed. This is the strategy you should observe, because it leads you to maintain stable blood sugar levels and decreasing the amount of cortisol production/release.

Personally I highly recommend you to check out this video: NEUROTYPING- NUTRITION FOR THE TYPE 3 - YouTube

Best regards! :slightly_smiling_face:

PD: I’m not the owner of the intellectual expression of previously enunciated concepts. All credits to Christian Thibaudeau amazing “database” knowledge.

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