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Type 3 Layers Plan?


I wanted to piggyback off another thread on the 2B Layers suggestion, this time for a 3. I work out in an awful crowded gym, and so I like to just get to my one station, blast the lifting out, and be on with my day. I also get stressed out greasing the groove on multiple lifts per session.

So, is there a way to do something Layers-ish? My gut says instead of an RM it should be to work up to 5 reps on a percentage based scheme by week, but formulating the other layers I’m clueless on. Any ideas?


Hepburn layers would work.
Also, Thib-Hepburn layers.

I am a type 3 and I was attracted to the structure and planned progression of Hepburn layers. However, in executing the program I found the work to be too much to recover from. If I was to attempt the program again I would decrease the workload.

Oh - great idea. I just re-read the article and it does seem to fit Type 3.

@Romulus86 would you lower the percentages to say 85/75/70/60?

I’ll also most likely do it 3 days/week spreading the workload out further.

Honestly I feel like it would be better doing less sets. Maybe do the 5x2 for strength skill and the 3x8 for volume. I would keep the 5x2 at a weight where the bar speed is still good, it’s better to start too light. Of course this is strictly my opinion, not sure what CT would recommend. I just know that if I did 13 working sets of a big barbell lift using any appreciable amount of weight it would bury me.