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Type 3 High Carb Fat Loss Diet

Hi coach, the physique program is going well. A few small questions I have regarding the the type 3 high carb fat loss diet, am I allowed carbs with my breakfast? I’m asking because I try to have my carbs only around the workouts, I.e plazma and some sourdough bread and such, after my workout I consume rice/quinoa-a small cup or so, after I stick to protein and healthy fats. I’m curious: should my 5/6 meals all have healthy carbs with them? I’m recomping my body, I have very little fat to actually to lose All I’m after is a thicker mid section and a visible 8 pack, it’s pure vanity.
Typical breakfast is:
Morning :4-5 eggs, one slice of sourdough bread, small amount of avocado.

Meal two protein, veggies

Meal three: pre workout nutrition or protein and some carbs

Post meal: mag 10 and then an hour later veggies small rice / quinoa- bread, large protein source

Meal 5; grass fed steak/ chicken

Meal 6 protein only…given in a type three, should all these have carbs? Even non training days? Thank you for your input
Best regards.