Type 3 and Variety? (Edited for Brevity)

Hi Coach Thibaudeau.

Question: Do you think a Type 3 should just stick to his preferred exercise, and vary reps/weight etc. or is there a big advantage in mixing up the exercise choice?

My floor press with dumbbells is stuck at 100lbs for 4 or 5 reps, but I can’t progress past it. I can row 110lb DBs for 20 reps like I’m ringin’ a bell.

I know you believe that true Type 3 weight lifters are relatively rare. I find I actually prefer to stick with the same exercises all the time. I’ve always emphasised pull over push, but I want to even them up.

46 year old, recreational lifter.

Big respect for your work.

Best wishes…

Yes a type 3 should stick to the same exercises most of the time. They can use an assistance exercise to fix a weak point here and there, but yeah, their basic lifts should remain the same. However they can vary the methods. If you stopped progressing on a movement then you will need to use a different training strategy to spark new changes. That could be switching to higher reps, using different tempos, including isometric pauses during the lift, doing more sets, including rest/pauses, clusters or drop sets , etc.

Great. Thank you Coach. Ill work on those methods for a while.