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Type 3 and Trouble Staying Asleep

I am a Type 3 with high acetylcholine. I have no issues falling asleep quickly at night. However, I have big problems staying asleep. I wake up frequently, toss and turn, or even get songs stuck in my head. Any advice for actually staying asleep as opposed to falling asleep? Thanks.

Have ypu tried taking glycine 5-7g in the evening with 500-1000mg magnesium TAURATE?

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I’ve tried glycine straight in water in the past, which upset my stomach. You think if I mixed it with some protein I could avoid the stomach issue?

I have the same problem. I have tried 5g glycine, but haven’t seen any change. Falling asleep not a problem but I wake up for toilet during the night (very often twice)and then can’t fall asleep again. Other then glycine (and magnesium citrate which I take anyway before sleep) I have tried Passiflora, melatonin(1 or 2 g), st.john’s , valeriana but never notice any significant change or change at all

It might interfere with the effect. How much did you use?

One product that really helped with a figure competitor that I trained that couldn’t stay asleep was lemon balm/melissa. It prevents the reconversion of GABA into glutamate.

I’m going to try this protocol, I just have 2 questions. 1. What’s the correct dose of Lemon Balm? 2. In the reviews for Magnesium Taurate, a lot of people are complaining that in the ingredients it lists vegetarian leucine. Is this a big deal?

I’ve had a lot of problems staying asleep, too. Glycine an hour before bedtime has really helped me with my sleep, but I also add 750mg magnesium citrate and 400mg 5-htp. When things are especially hectic, I add 4000mg ashwaghanda. That’s a stack that’s really changed things for me. Hope something there helps you.

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  1. 300-500mg

  2. I haven’t seen leucine in magnesium taurate. Depends on the brand I guess. Ideally you don’t want it in there, but it’s not a huge deal.