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Type 3 and Lil Bit of 2B

Hi CT, a type 3 with a bit of 2b here. Would like your guidance on writing a program for myself. This is going to be a long one, which you hate😌, but still want to ask since I can’t finalize.
Points to be considered:

  • Loves High frequency

  • Unified training

  • 4 days per week

  • Movements more than muscles, but still obsessed over the small ones- traps, biceps, triceps, calves, rear and side delt.

  • And as such always ends up doing a lot of volume

  • 2 years of training experience with no boastable numbers but a strong foundation on movement to body connection.

  • Likes the big 6 Squat, Hinge, Horizontal and Vertical Push/Pull

  • Used to do full body 3x a week during these 2 years, but ended up having a bigger lower body than the upper body further increasing the already skinny fat mode.

  • and there’s so much more I want to tell, but I think I should stop here. Cuz one I don’t remember them right now and another nobody will read this.

CT is not here to create personnalised program for everyone who ask this in his forum page… theres a lot of workout on the website that you can choose that Will fit your goal…

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You could always pay for coaching

Correct. I can answer specific questions that will help people make better decisions with their program design. But I don’t like basically being asked to write someone a program on my forum as it’s a service I offer and for which clients pays me (gotta earn a living somehow).

In the past I actually have answered some questions by posting program examples to illustrate a concept. I do that when I feel that the whole forum community can benefit from it and if it’s actually simpler than giving a more theoretical/technical answer. And, more importantly, when the poster didn’t ask for it.

I LOVE to be nice to people and give them more than they ask for. BUT I hate when people ask for more than would normally be seen as “normal” because I feel trapped: I look like an asshole if I don’t give them what they want, or I end up giving for free what faithful client pay money for. It really puts me on the spot. And it pisses me off because. I really do want to give people more than they expect. But how can I do that, if they expect something that I can’t give?

Heck, I’ve called out of the blue (via messenger call) people who sent me questions by facebook. I’ve sent. people free programs by email, even if they didn’t ask for them and proposed that they would pay for programs that are not for sale (e.g. programs that I write for some of the pro athletes that I train). Heck, I’ve sent the documents for full seminars that I give (200+ slides) and even free access to my online courses. The common theme is that I always send them for people who don’t ask for them.

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I did expect this CT and I can understand. I just took a chance that’s all. Apologies for being rude. I like learning about the things that I do and thus the pestering :grin:. And if this is anything, I am happy to say that I have finalized on 2 programs after much brainstorming. One upper lower and one fullbody, both 4 days.

So once again thank you CT for taking your time to explain yourself. My knowledge regarding fitness improved a lot after referring your articles. So stay safe and keep preaching as always.

This is completely uncool. Pestering someone is inherently negative. This is not how to be respectful to another human being. You put the onus on them to either give you what you ask for or not without paying them and their needs any regard whatsoever.