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Type 3 and Caffeine

CT, as the title says I was curious if type 3’s should avoid caffeine, or if it would cause an excess of cortisol. I’ve only recently read your articles on Neuro typing and believe I’m a type 3. I am pretty sensitive to caffeine but I love coffee so I’ve been limiting it to training days. Also’ I’ve been doing Wendlers 531, is this a good option? Thanks!

Caffeine can cause a problem to type 3 if abused. They already have their neurons firing too fast most of the time (that’s why they are more anxious, think too much, etc) and adding caffeine will just speed things up even more. This can lead to an overproduction of cortisol. 1-2 cups on training days is likely fine though.

As for 5-3-1… it has elements that make it adequate for a type 3 like the % based approach, low number of lifts, 3-4 training days, always doing the same exercises, knowing in advance how much weight you will use and using a very gradual progression.

However it is based mostly on very low reps and low sets. Which are not really optimal for Type 3. Only Type 3 with plenty of lifting experience can go into low reps/heavy weights training. But if you are comfortable with heavy weigths, it is a fine approach for a type 3. I would however recommend more warm-up sets.


Awesome, thanks for the reply!

what about Type 3 and HeavyDuty /HIT/ based programs ? sets to failure , low volume BUT more often , high frequency ?
thank you

Well, Mentzer was probably a type 3 from what I’ve read about him (more likely a type 3 with the ACTN3 RR gene). I’m not saying that HD (the original one with 3 whole body sessions per week, not the extremely abbreviated sessions 1-2 times per week) will not work for a type 3, it can. It has several elements that fit a type 3 including the lower volume, low exercise variation and the more rest days than training days.

But the fact that they have to push to the complete limit of each set might be hard for a type 3, with the possible exceptions to a type 3 with a lot of lifting experience already.

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