Type 3 & 1A Connection

Hi Coach,

Originally when neurotyping came out I was always like “I am 100% Type 3” and took the test and got:

Type 3 - 142 // Type 2B - 112 // Type 1A - 90 // Type 2A - 80 // Type 1B - 53

However, over the last few years with some major life changes changing my emotional disposition and rectifying some serious health issues I retook the test:

Type 3 - 54% // Type 1A - 53% // Type 2B - 47% // Type 2A - 45% // Type 1B - 31%.

1A and 2B switched quite a bit. This actually makes sense because I’ve always liked 531 as a program much more than the bodybuilding kind of 2B/3 programs; and on a semi-serious note your old superhero article always had me feeling like a 1A, I totally identify with the attitudes of Wolverine & Tony Stark.

I seem to remember some posts where you talked about the similarities between a 1A and a 3. The “3” traits I have the most are the compulsive planning and that I’m an academic, plus was always out of shape and suck at sports. But the 1A is being an overly competitive asshole who is pretty damn sure of himself. I’m not an “alpha” but I’m also at home in front of an audience (singing for a heavy metal band, teaching a class).

So, is there an optimal way to train for me based on this information? Like I said the 1A stuff always appealed to me but I stopped pursuing them once the test told me I was a 3 or stressed out 2B. I do straight up HATE HATE HATE long cardio sessions. But don’t think I can recover well from going all in at each workout.

Thank you.