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Type 2B with High Glutamate

Coach CT

hope your doing great Coach wanted to ask coach how should a Type 2B know if he have high Glutamate what are the signs & can taking Glycine when you have high Glutamate cause issues

since i just Implement it only Post workout 3g and it mellows me out


If you are overly emotional, have frequent and drastic mood swings, have social anxiety issues, take failure worse than you should or take everything personal it would indicate high glutamate.

Thank you Coach for your feedback if I am A Type 2B Confidant and have high Glutamate what are the active Steps one should take to Lower excessive Glutamate can high Glutamate Interfere & Disrupt Sleep

And could High Glutamate for Type 2B Cause a Shift More to the right to make you have more of a Type 3 Traits Concerning low Serotonin & GABA


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That’s exactly me…what do we do to fix this as type 2b ?

A phase (4-6 weeks) of keto diet (NOT normal low carbs, it has to be keto, meaning 50-60% of your calories coming from fat) or using exogenous ketones.

Ketones (either made by your body or ingested as a supplement) will increase the conversion of glutamate into GABA.

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Can doing keto with fasting make it work faster?just wondering if ketnoeses works while fasting ?