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Type 2B Training Question

Hello again Coach,

I’m pretty positive I’m a type 2B. I love high frequency. I’m a poor responder to low reps and strength based training. Love a good pump and like to feel the muscles working. But I’ve noticed I burn out after about 3 weeks. The only time I ever did well with strength based training was with a squat, bench, row every day program where the squat rep ranges were mostly in the 1-3 rep range for 10 sets with a 20 rep finisher 5 days a week. Bench had a similar rep range and rows were 10-15 reps. I saw some of the fastest gains I ever had in my life on that program in my chest and legs but was, again, burned out after 3 weeks.

I am an admitted program hopper but it’s starting to become clear that 3 weeks is about my neurological max on any program. The past 2 weeks I decided to change up strategies and instead of hop to another program I would just take whatever rest I needed. I was 3 weeks into Mountain Dog training. Hitting most body parts except back and shoulders 2x/week as those are my best developed body parts. After 3 weeks of training I hit a hard wall so I took a few days off and then started doing easy band work, neural charge and short pump workouts. After a week I still didn’t feel fully recovered and I continued light training for a second week. This morning was my first workout in 2 weeks and I went up 5-25lbs in just about every lift. Even my stamina to maintain and increase weight was a little better.

So my question is what are your thoughts on a 3 week on, 1-2 week light recovery, maintenance phase before continuing an intense training program. Does this fit with a Type 2B? If I’m not training my balls off I feel like I’m not getting a good workout so it’s very difficult for me to lower my intensity. I know the obvious answer is to just take it a little easier and you can last longer but less intensity means less fun for me.

As a side note, I did have salivary cortisol tested by a functional medicine doc about a year ago and everything was within optimal ranges except DHEA was low normal. I supplemented with a very low dose of DHEA for about 2 months after. Never re-tested


Maybe look into fortitude training, you blast hard for 3 weeks with different loading schemes at different levels of volume to suit your preference. Then you do an intensive cruise (easier) for 1/3 of the blast period before repeating. Not sure if it’s more of a 2B or 2A program though. CT might advise, I know he’s familiar with the book.

Thanks for the advice! I haven’t heard of the book. I will check it out.

Fortitude training is a great suggestion. I know CT feels it’s a principally sound program. Regarding the op,he says he’s 2B but sounds like a 2A, particularly if attracted to programs by meadows. Regardless, FT would be a good fit.

Thanks guys. When reading CT’s personality description of 2A vs. 2B I seem more closely aligned with 2B but either way I will check out fortitude for sure. Appreciate the feedback

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