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Type 2B Program: Home Gym Workarounds


Which of the following home gym landmine squat variations would I use in place of the Hack Squat Machine and the Leg Press machine in the ThibArmy Type 2B program?

  1. Land mine squat (end of BB at chest like a goblet squat)

  2. Landmine low handle squat (set up like a T-bar row, behind the plate using a D-handle)

  3. Landmine belt squat (set up like #2 but using a dip belt to hold the BB)

Also what would you recommend as a home gym alternative to the machine chest press in phase 2 since that phase already uses bench press and DB mechanical drop set pressing?

Thank you.

I always use no.1, which I call Lumberjack squats. That’s the one on which you normally have the best squatting mechanics.

Understood thanks. But I need a substitute for both the hack squat and leg press. Can you specify which the lumberjack squat would replace and what to use for the other? Thanks.