Type 2b Plan with Arm Emphasis?

Hey Chris

firstly, i love all of your plans. In total i now have 13 of your workouts! I am truly addicted to your programming style.

I am completely a 2b, and the 2b plan looks amazing and i cannot wait to get started on this. I also recently bought all of your muscle specific plans, which also; look fantastic.

I am just finishing a pretty extreme cut where i finally achieved a ‘ripped’ physique, for the second time in my life. However this time i wish to properly reverse diet so that i do not have to do that again! I am planning to slowly taper down my cardio, and slowly increase my carb intake (and fat intake). I will attempt to blitz through 2-3 weeks of your ‘fastest way to get jacked’ plan, to finish this off with complete muscle shock. (any tips/advice would be appreciated)

Then after that i plan to start the 2b plan, I would like to put more emphasis on my arms, do you think i could swap out the last day (posterior chain) for an arm day, maybe one from the ‘Arm Specific’ workout plan. Or failing that, just add a bicep and tricep exercise to the posterior chain workout.

Would appreciate any advice, tips, hints, do’s/don’ts… anything

Since you bought both, why don’t you do the Arms program then the 2B program?