Type 2b on Busy Week?

Hello guys…wondering if can fasting work for cutting for type 2b ?
And as if the busy person plan would be good idea for me cuz this month I’m super busy but can’t stop training …

Well, super busy and fasting might SEEM to work well together. Because you can save time by not eating during the day. BUT being busy means high cortisol and adrenaline and fasting means more cortisol during the day,

Not a great mix. You might get leaner, but it is not ideal if you want to keep or even build muscle.

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If not stressed it night be good idea? And can I add a. Gap
Workout ?

“Stressed” is not about feeling anxious. Being always active is “stress”. Anytime your body needs to be active or energetic, it’s a form of stress.

Intermittent fasting is never a good idea if one of your main goals is to build muscle.

Personally I am afraid of recommending a gap workout for you because you seem to be a stimulus addict who always want to do more. And you are likely to turn a gap workout into an excessive session.


What’s your recommendation for type 3 stimulus addicts.? In terms- frequency and volumes?
Higher or lower intensity workouts works better ?
Thank you

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