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Type 2b Diet for Fat Loss Progression?

Hi Christian
When I reduce calories of the diet for type2b for fat loss do I reduce just carbs or equal amount fat and carbs ? Thankyou

Equal amount of fat and carbs unless fat is at around 30g per day. Then, only decrease carbs.

Thanks for all your replies Christian.
In your type2b program If I cannot deadlift or do its variations because of an injury what replacement can I do? My test had 1b as a close 2nd so would the sg high pull be acceptable ?
Thankyou Aaron

SGHP would be accetable, yes. Not as good for the lower back and glutes though so your might want to add back extensions in.

Thankyou Christian
As for the sets and reps do I take them all to failure Or close to it ? Or build up to one all out set ? Thankyou Aaron

For the program or the SGHP specifically?

For the whole programme.
Thankyou Aaron

For isolation and machine exercises you go to failure or close to it. On compound lifts leave 1-2 reps in the tank.