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Type 2B Diet and Peri-Workout Supplements

Hi Christian
What would be the best way for me to use Plazma with the type2b training day ?
Should I have my normal pre workout meal an hour and a half before then 15 mins before training have half serving of Plazma then the rest during workout?.
Or save it all for intra workout?
Thankyou Aaron

half 15-20 min pre-workout and half at the mid-point of the session

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Hi Christian
What can I have or do for my Pre workout meal if I have to work out super early in the morning due to a busy gym , I’m having to have to consume 120g carbs pre workout?.

Do I still have carbs for my breakfast after the peri workout? Basically consuming all of my carb meals early on in the day ?

For example.
5am- pre w/o meal 120g carbs
6.30am- intra 70g carbs
7.30am- post workout 85g carbs
9am breakfast - protein, fats and 65g carbs
Lunch - protein and fats
Dinner - protein and fats
Thankyou in advance Aaron.

I’m possibly out of touch with the carb recommendations for Type 2B but technically your meal at 5am is breakfast. If you want to have a meal before then one interpretation would be combining your carb allowance for breakfast with that for your pre-workout meals.

I’ll just make up some percentages here that I don’t think are too far off. If your allowances are,

Breakfast: 15%
Pre-workout: 30-35%
Intra-workout: 20%
Post-workout: 25-30%

Then one way to do it would be

5am: 15% + 30-35%
6:30am: intra
7:30am post-workout

Remaining meals protein and fat.

But, if you stayed in bed a little longer you could conceivably have carbs in your final meal of the day and break your fast with your intra-workout nutrition (possibly not ideal for a type 2B)

You can find those layouts here https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/the-best-damn-diet-for-natural-lifters

Coach, with designing the nutrient timing approaches for the different neurotypes, what had the greatest impact: their training style or their neurotransmitter make-up?

For instance, if I remember correctly a Type 1a has little to no emphasis on carb intake before or during their sessions but their sessions are shorter, lower in reps, and less pumpy and so it makes sense to limit carbs to post-workout and their final meal of the day.

Thanks for the suggestion , it’s a good thought only I’m then having to try eat 180grams of carbs at 5am lol that’s a big shake .

Combining the carb allowances wasn’t my only suggestion if that’s unfeasible for you.