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Type 2B Confident Program?

coach CT

Hope your doing great Coach is there a new program that is adaptable for Type 2B confident or should we train also like the Normal 2B even when under stress


The 2B program will be fine. You might want to lower the volume slightly (taking one set out for 2-4 exercises).

Oddly enough, the type 3 program would also work.

Thanks for the feedback Coach Thibs I already purchased the old 2B program is the new one is any different ?

For lowering the Volume of the sets a bit so if the workout is like 15 sets I would decrease it to 12 sets to lower the Cortisol response a bit and it’s really very odd since when I do sometimes a Type 3 workout I get along with it also so the Type 2B confident is more between the near end of a 2B very close to 3 .

Can I even do the split only 4 days since it’s very hard for me to train 5 days a week so for the chest+Biceps can I do it more of a Traditional day without supersets like

A)Barbell bench press
B)incline DB press
C)pec deck machine
D)Barbell curl
C)Rope cable curls

I shouldn’t also go with more weight more muscle Contraction slow tempos 60-80% and I feel best when I don’t train on non consecutive days also

Rep range for Hypertrophy goal would be 8-12 reps
With rest period 2min on compound and 90-60 Sec on isolation

And post workout implementing 3G of Glycine with magnesium Taurate

Yes, very.

Both in the content and in the much improved way the program is presented.

The new program is 4 days per week.

The new program is monday/wednesday/friday/saturday

Thank you Coach for taking the time and sending me all of this

If I buy the new program should I also do what you recommend to lower the sets of the workout keep it more low Volume

Can I also do it more of a straight set workout or that would throw the benefit of the program


Honestly I’d start as is, and if you find that you have recovery issues, lower the volume.

It depends. If the program specifically uses supersets (two exercises for the same muscle group done without rest) then doing them by themselves will not work the same.

But if we are talking about an antagonist pairing (e.g. a chest exercises/rest/biceps exercise/rest/chest exercise/rest/biceps exercise/…) then you can do them as straight sets but it will make the workout longer.

Thank you for all the Details Coach Thibs will put all into consideration