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Type 2B, Close 2A

Hey CT,
Awesome job on the test and neurostuff!

I was very sure of being a 2a before doing the test but it evaluated me more as a 2B, my results were:

Sous-totaux “Principaux” 4/ 28/ 43/ 50/ 28
Sous-totaux “Secondaires” 0/ 10/ 22/ 40/ 22
Sous-totaux “Autres” 14 / 23 / 28 / 36 / 23
TOTAL 18 / 61 / 93 / 126 / 73

My reasoning was the need for variety, and the strong emotional things of 2B didnt feel as close to my personality as i throught, but i think the reason is because i have been depressed for quite some time and only recently have gotten it treated. (Currently using ssri)

Also I have noticrd that explosivness is not my strength, and gimmicky training isnt something i enjoy too much…

Could you lend your expertise and give your 2 cents weither you think i’m currently on the right track ? Thanks!

@Leash I’m thinking depression has caused you to slide to the right and test as a 2B. Probably still 2A but identifying with tendencies of 2B…at least for now.

Maybe, though, personally I feel its the other way around, atlest for now. Alot of my positive/emotional side has been quite negative for a long time, now with getting help, it has improved somewhat, but still maybe too early to tell for sure. The test was/is still quite exciting, and learning to understand oneself is interesting.

The test assesses what you are at the moment of taking the test. Because you are getting out of a depression you likely answered from your most recent memories which were in your depressed state. So that was 2B. And by feeling better you are starting to bemore 2A. BUT I believe that you might be more of a 2B and the medication makes you feel more 2A by decreasing anxiety.

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where can I find this test your website?

Yes on thibarmy