Type 2B - 3 Mix. Training Critique and Suggestions?


I haven’t actually taken the test, but after thoroughly going through the neurotype article I concluded that I’m a mix of type 2b and 3. And as such I should train like 2b, 4 days per week. So what about hitting a body part 2-3 times a week? Considering the nature of workout of 2b, it is unified viz., ppl, bro split, movement split, upper lower.

The reason why I’m asking is, previously I have followed a basic 5x5 3day full body program for 1.5 years, and in that had to squat 3x a week which grew my legs like anything, but didn’t had that kind of frequency with the upper body due to poor programming.

So I was wondering if there’s a way it can be implemented including your neurotype methods. I have prepared 3 routines based on my understanding,

3 day full body (squat, V & H Push-Pull, Hinge, Lunge. 6 movements, no isolations, 1 heavy except on OHP day +deadlift 1x5)
4 day Upper Lower ( Bench Squat Deadlift OHP. 8 excercise per session, I heavy followed by isolations)
4 day lift based split( Chest[Bench]/Triceps, Back[Deadlift], Biceps, Legs[Squat], Shoulders [OHP]/Traps. 8 excercise per session, I heavy followed by isolations).

I know you have stopped online coaching, but please critique on these and give your valuable suggestions as I want to use this lockdown period to learn this and be ready when the gym reopens. Also suggest a home workout template too, including dumbbells and pull-up bar.

I’d suggest you take the test, if you’re truly curious. I read the articles and thought I was type 3. Took the test and scored 2B. You do have to be brutally honest for accurate results. It makes a difference.

Unless you are a solid type 3 (see “take the test” above), I’d encourage you to court the 2B aspects of your training (i.e., focus on intensity over volume, building muscle to drive strength gains etc.) and see if you enjoy it. If you don’t, try something like CT’s Best Damn High Volume program for Natties, which I think is the kind of programming type 3s can really benefit from. I did it last fall.

One tip: CT has recommended the following for 2Bs in the past:

Ideal split
Mon: Chest/Biceps
Tue: Quads
Wed: Back/Triceps
Thu: Shoulders/Traps/Rear Delts
Fri: Posterior chain

2nd best split
Mon: Chest/Biceps
Tue: Lower Body
Wed: Off
Thu: Back/Triceps
Fri: Shoulders/Traps/Rear Delts

With the second option, he’s offered further recommendations for additional quad/hamstring work, IIRC.

Good luck!

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Thank you mate. As you said taking the test was going to be my final choice. Will look into the points you mentioned. But all these programs only hit a body part 1x per week. Is that enough. Shouldn’t naturals hit a body part 2-3x a week as CT mentioned. I’m a high volume person by choice but not suitable for my body, learned it the hard way.

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