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Type 2A with High 1A Secondary Dominance?

Yo CT!

I took your neurotyping test after reading all the articles, watching all your videos, and listening to all your podcasts.

The first time I took it, it said I was 1A Dominant. No way! Not true (personality only). I knew I was Type 2A Dominant.

I had to re-listen to the podcasts.

I’m DEFINITELY a classic 2A when it comes to training AND nutrition.:+1:

(And, ironically, for the past 10 years I’ve been a Fitness Coach for clients—mostly women—in the 40-70 range.)

All your podcasts explaining Type 2A were spot on (especially having massive “shrinkage” in cold water, while training, or with caffeine use - I never understood why until you explained it).:thinking:

However, I share many “personality traits” as a Type 1A but definitely NOT from a training or nutrition perspective.

I was shocked to see my Type 3 scored high as I’m not an anxious or emotional person (I have almost zero empathy). I identified with wearing the same clothes all the time, being organized, OCD about things being in their place—but NOT a planner or anything else like most Type 3’s.

I’m VERY adrenaline sensitive!:ok_hand:

I think I have high acetylcholine levels and GABA too.

I’ve been through all kinds of stimulants (pre-workouts) and coffee to amp me up over the years.

I recently quit having black coffee each morning for the last 6 months (I NEVER drank or liked coffee prior to this).

I started using a few things you recommend for a Type 2A pre-workout (L-tyrosine) to get away from stimulants.

I train and coach clients Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but I’m completely dead the following day (no motivation, lazy, irritable—typical 2A).:point_left:

I perform short (15-30 minute) Metabolic Express Training (my specialty) sessions with myself and my coaching clients at Underground Fitness Revolution in Florida.:muscle:

We do a lot of Kettlebell, Dumbbell, and Bodyweight work as well as some bands, TRX, med balls, Prowler, Battle Ropes, and Sandbags as main training tools. Barbells for Deadlifting only.:weight_lifting_man:‍♂

I train 4-5 days each week on average (20-30 minutes). For the past 6 weeks, I’ve been training for the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge (max 1RM Deadlift, max Dead Hang pull-ups, max 1-Arm Kettlebell Snatches in 5 minutes). :facepunch:

It’s this weekend, and I’m so ready for it to be over so I can switch gears and train for The Murph Challenge on Memorial Day (such a 2A—I need my variety!!). :joy:

Anything else you can tell me about my scores, and what I can do to optimize my training, nutrition, and supplementation?:heavy_check_mark::100:


Nate Dogg

How much l-tyrosine do u take. I take tons of stims and need to back off.

I just started with 1 gram as CT recommended.

And I just started using it with Perfect Perform pre-workout from Perfect Keto. No stims and low caffeine from green tea.

Cool. Definitely do a follow up how that works out for you!

So far, 1 gram of L-tyrosine pre-workout helps with focus.

I won’t be using the Keto pre-workout I posted once I finish the bottle.

Other than the “tingling” from the Beta alanine when using it the first time, I haven’t noticed any benefits.

So I’ll have to figure out another way to increase adrenaline prior to workouts.

@Christian_Thibaudeau any recommendations pre-workout and what else I can do to optimize for my Neurotype numbers posted above?

I have training and nutrition locked down so I don’t need much guidance there.

Oddly enough, this is what allowed me to understand how fast adrenergic densensitization can occur.

I used to often use ephedrine (as a beta-adrenergic agonist it works amazingly well for me even thoough it has too many drawbacks for me to be “allowed” to use it now).

When I used it I suffered from mega shrinkage throughout the day. But the next day I would look like a porn-star because it hanged much lower and thicker than normal (sorry for the graphic post). I understand now that it is because in as little as one day ephedrine was able to desensitize (at least to some extent) the adrenergic receptors, decreasing adrenergic activity, minimizing shrinkage by maintaining blood flow to “that” area.

From what I learned, 2A respond best to alternating phases where you focus on stimulating the beta-adrenergic receptors (which will increase performance and well-being but there is a risk of desensitization) and phases of resensitization.

It could be as simple as doing 3 weeks of “hard” training and 1 week of “deload/low neurological cost work”

Here are two options
Brain Candy
Tyrosine (up to 3g) + Rhodiola + cordiceps

Less frequent meals (1-3 can even go intermittent fasting)
Lower carbs (peri-workout and evening only)
Higher protein (up to 1.25g per pound)

Rhodiola and Ashwaganda
Glycine (3g) + Magnesium Taurate low dose every 3h
Phosphatidylserine 250-400mg 3x a day
Magnesium glycinate 500-1000mg evening

Higher meal frequency (5-6)
Higher carbs (more frequent feedings)
Lower protein

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with 2a passion, would that be 3 weeks of hard training like 1A and 1 week of deload training like 2B? Is there any difference from 1A and 2B in terms of intensity, volume, and frequency?