Type 2A Question

how much sets per training day is good for 2A ?
what frequency is optimal / recovery point / for natural type 2A ?

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2A will burn out because they easly become stimulus addicts and they do too much work.

Not really possible to give you a precise answer. The “best” volume for someone is highly variable. The neurotype only clues us about someone’s psychological predispositions, with 2As, when it comes to volume is that they tend to want to do too much (stimulus addict or wanting to impress others by being a hard worker).

There are other elements that will influence how much volume someone should do. Level of lifestyle stress, age, type of job, sleep quality, muscle fiber dominance/ACTN3 type, level of anabolic hormones, etc.

A 2A who has 2 young kids and works at a physical job 50 hours a week will not be able to do the same volume as a 2A who is 18 years old and in school.

Also the other training variables will have an influence on how much volume he should do. For example, effort level: the closer or more often you go to failure on your sets, the less volume you should do.

Intensity (how much weight you are using) can also have an impact on how many sets you should do.

So I hate to say this, but there is no universal answer that applies to all 2As


I will give you the same answer as I gave above: it depends on many variables.

It also depends on the content of the sessions. If you have a high amount of volume at each workout, you cannot train as often as if you do a small amount of volume.

The best I can do is give you a very general answer that:

  • Pretty much nobody should train 7 days a week
  • The vast majority of natural lifters should not train 6 days a week
  • A natural who has low stress levels and is young can train 5 days a week as long as the volume is not excessive in the individual sessions
  • Most people should start at 4 days of lifting a week
  • Those with poor recovery capacities or a stressful life will be better off training 3 days. a week
  • Those with a lot on their plate, who do a lot of other physical activity (e.g. practicing BJJ) on top of their job, might be even better at 2 workout days per week

once you state Type 2A , tolerate most volume compare to the other types… that/s i mean about it

Yes, all things being equal, 2A DO tolerate more volume. BUT there will still be differences between two 2As depending on the various factors I mentioned.

Furthermore, it is possible for a 2B or 1B to be able to handle more volume than 2As if the 2A has a stressful life/physical job/poor sleep and the 2B/1B has lower stress and better sleep.

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But if you absolutely want an answer, the maximum volume the natural 2A should do is around 100 total sets per week (that’s for all muscles combined, not per muscle).

At 4 weekly sessions that is a maximum of 25 total sets per session

At 5 weekly sessions that is a maximum of 20 total sets per session

But that is the MAXIMUM. You should not always do the maximum volume tolerable. The best option is to gradually build-up volume during a 10-12 weeks training cycle.

Maybe going from 70 total sets per week in week one and gradually building up to 100 total sets for the last 3 weeks of the cycle

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first,thank you for reply
im, 54 years old ,natural …and think this volume is Too much for me.
don’t get me wrong - i love to train ,if i can will be in gym everyday ,but
more than 10-12 sets /per workout,not per muscle group / will killing me,
i can’t recover ,can’t sleep well, start craving for sweet and salt foods…

That’s why I said that it’s the maximum a 2A can do. And I mentioned all the variables (age and sleep being key ones) that impact how much volume you can do. Obviously you cannot train at that maximum. Which just goes to show that it was impossible to answer you precisely as I knew nothing about you and, as I said, all 2As are not equal in their tolerance for volume

Then why did you ask me the question if you already knew the answer for you???

im ask you because your experience training people and here is a “forum” !
but anyway ,thank you