Type 2a, How Much Variation?

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How much variation is needed with a 2a? Can we vary just a few exersies or methods or should it be a completely different way of training ? And how often should these changes be made?

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The key word for 2A IS variation. And the one sentence that describes them is “Everything works, but nothing works for long”.

Of all the neuro types they need the most variation.

Variation within the session (neural stimulation and muscular stimulation in every session).

Variation within the week (the workouts should not be all of the same type/structure in the week… for example the Conjugate/Westside system is a good example of workouts having a different structure with dynamic and max effort days).

Variation from week to week (not the whole program but something need to change… 1-3 exercises, training method on one or a few exercises, order of movements, etc.)

Variation from block to block with each block lasting 3 weeks.

In fact the conjugate system is a great example of a good Type 2A program, maybe with the difference of ramping to a 3RM instead of a 1RM.

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thanks CT !

I just bought your High freq bb program, looks quite varied so I’ll give it a solid go. After i think I’ll try your pbt.

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PBT is good for 2A, but I’m coming out with a conjugate bodybuilding program Friday which is a pure 2A program


@Christian_Thibaudeau Please keep us informed regarding this project.

Like your writing which is full of information.

It’s been released for a while

Was it released on your forum, in book format, or here? I could have missed it.

Also, what is Pbt program? Can’t figure that one out:/

It’s a program that is sold on my website called the conjugate powerbuilding program

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PBT is a program that also includes something like 100 videos. I personally prefer the conjugate powerbuilding program. It has some explanation videos but not as much as the PBT which is why its is not as expensive

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