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Type 2 Slap Tear Pain

I just had surgery 6 weeks ago for a type 2 spap tear with some re-atachment of biceps tendon. Doc never said it would be this painful… Been in a imobilizer 4 weeks and a sling 4 weeks. I take it out of the sling most of the time now and have been trying to streatch it out as they asked but now it hurts worse. Have any of you guys that had similiar surgery have the same expierence? I thought once I started streacthing it it would feel better… My PT starts next month so hopefully that will help. I was just worried that maybe the anchor popped out while streatching…

I had all sorts of “omigawd I think I ripped something!” moments after my surgery. Obviously I can’t tell you that you haven’t, BUT, I will stress how tight most surgeons anchor everything down when they’re inside there.

A lot of the pain will be from all those instruments moving around, cutting, sewing, dancin’ a jig inside your shoulder.

Best of luck with the rehab brother, it’s not fun, I know.


It is normal. The main torture of physical therapy is stretching out the patients after weeks of being immobilized in a sling.

Thanks this surgery has been awful … It realy burns & throbs since I started streatching… u are probably right about the anchor thing…how long did it take u guys 2 be pain free?

Well, they told me at 10 weeks that the bone has effectively healed around the anchors, so even if it hurts, I needn’t worry about ripping ti all to sh-t. BUT, even now, at 18 weeks post surgery, I still have aches and pains, albeit not as intense, or as frequently. I know it’s not what you wanna hear, but as my brother (my DPT as well as my sibling) constantly stresses: you may never been 100% pain free, or 100% of what you were pre-surgery. Depressing I know, but I’m hoping that given the nature of my injury, which was pretty damn serious, it won’t be before a full year is through that I take a good honest look at where I’m at.


Thanks Stu… ughhh its a awful expierence. Its too bad I didnt have someone when I was younger to help me prevent this stuff. I know accidents cant be avoided in stuff like contact sports. But in lifting I think these realy painful shoulder injuries can be avoided. In case there are any young gunz reading this here are some things that you may want to consider before you spend months in pain and 1000s of dollars

  1. Warm up good & stretch 10-15min on shoulder days
  2. Do rotator cuff excersises & shoulder rehab routine every 1-3 times a week to keep tendons strong
  3. Use light weights and go for reps on assistance shoulder lifts
  4. Dont go crazy ramping up the weight on pressing lifts
  5. Make sure form is good if your not sure pay someone to teach you
  6. Jarring stuff like jumping pull ups, clap ups, ring push ups should be replaced with less injury prone excersisses that do the same stuff
  7. If something hurts rest & ice it & if after 1-2 weeks it still hurts see a DR before you make it worse
  8. If you are diagnosed with a problem schedule surgery ASAP after 2nd opinion the more you wait the more out of shape you get and the more you exasperate the injury. Also just getting it over with is better then dwelling on it for weeks.