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Type 2 Nutrition

Hey CT,

Just a quick question type 2 nutrition. As your type 2 write up suggests to follow a zone diet of 40% protein / 30% carbs / 30% fat what options would you think are best below:

  1. To gain weight I need 3,000 calories. I’ve currently been doing 250g Protein, 325 carbs and 80g fat.

To match your equation above I’ve come close to 275g Protein, 275g Carbs and 90g fat. Would this work or am I better off going up to the right on 40% for protein having it over 300g?

  1. Also on carbs and fat, I’ve found having fat in my diet has been a big advantage for my strength gains and energy levels having around 80-85g (82kg bodyweight). In terms of fat how high could you go with this before fat becomes ineffective and you start to put of fat?

Am I best to have even % of carbs and fat from my calories (from above 275g protein, 240g carbs, 105g fat) or is having bit more carbs from calories better for a weight gain period?

Thanks for the help,

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