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Type 2 Diabetes

If anyone caught the news tonight with Tom Brokaw, there was a segment about the Type 2 Diabetes epidemic. They were saying that younger people were being diagnosed with it and it is a major problem, but have no idea what to do. They even interviewed a 28 year old man who was recently diagnosed. As i was watching this interview in this man’s home, what sits behind him but a RICE COOKER and a 2 liter of COCA COLA. DUH!, I wonder how this happened. This man looked to be about 280 pounds of doughy white blob of a guy. He is some computer programmer who is extremely sedentary, but seemed mystified how this happened to him. Wowwee Batman, I sure see a pattern of actions which leads to diabetes. If only people quit eating crap (which isn’t that hard to do), get off of their ass, and walk 4 blocks to get a cup of coffee, instead of driving to their neighbor’s house 50 feet away. Sorry about the vent, but sometimes, peoples stupidity amazes me. -The Starkdog

Type 2 diabetes is now appearing in children under the age of ten.

Ko is right. Diabetes II is no longer a disease for “elderly”. It’s for EVERYONE including little kids. But I think it speaks for how adults eat. Kids eat what their parents eat.