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Type 2 Diabetes and Low T

I’ve had temp taken four times this month. Not once did I ask what it was. Iodine levels…I have no idea. I have more blood work scheduled for next month.

Take your own body temperatures! Do not want temps when you are at the doc’s


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    – do you use iodized salt? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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Body [oral] temperatures when you first wake up
Body [oral] temperatures in mid-afternoon

Body temp yesterday at 3pm 98.7
Body temp this morning right after waking at 430 am98.4

I cook with small amounts of iodized salt. I’ve never cut it out of a diet.

OK, just a quick update. I’m 13 days ( I think) into the testim gel. I feel great! I noticed changes by the third day. More energy, no more mid day naps or dozing off at work. Sex drive went back to how I remember it being. And maybe its too much info, but erections are fuller, harder, thicker…and damn do they hurt. Lol. Honestly pursuing testosterone treatment was a good decision. I know there’s other things that can be “problems” but for me just the gel is great. ( doesn’t mean I’m gonna not pursue the injectables) but for now I’m really really happy with what’s going on.