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Type 1B Supplements and Conditioning

Hi CT. I just took the Neurotyping Test a few days ago and the results came out 1B dominant with 1A secondary.
After listening the podcasts about the topic and reading the article on Thibarmy for nutrition for 1B, I bought the 1B massgain diet.
Birlliant piece of work, I absolutely love that it gives a list of foods and guidance instead of a full diet with preset foods, but after the amount of free information on neurotyping I didn’t expect any less in quality.
What I’m somewhat confused about is the supplementation. The plan recommends a decent sized list of supplements to improve bile production, night time cortisol control, and dopamine increase in the day and in the workout. What I don’t know for sure is if I should take all of them, or pick one or 2 each category, or what exactly is the better approach.
On the same topic, should I still keep up with my multivitamin pack like Scitec Jumbo Pak, Animal Pak or other high dose multivitamin mixes or they won’t really benefit me much?
Also, would I do the lower calorie higher carb day as suggested on conditioning days if I choose to do one or keep the normal higher calorie higher fat day?

Here is the results table, in case you see it different than I do, as I seen you on other threads making better sense of main a sub scores and total score relations to eachother, although I find the outcome more less accurate.

Thank you for your help,

I am not trying to rush you by any means coach, I just don’t want my question to get lost in the mix.

Appreciate your time and work

Start with one in each category. But I recommend contacting my nutrition guy at info@ballisticmanagement.com and include “Question for Stephane” in the title.

I don’t like multis. A lot of those vitamins you wont need and some interfere with te absorption of some others. Multi-vitamins are, for the most part, a scam.

Thank you for your reply coach, I m greatful for your time and work you do.
Regarding my results, I find them pretty accurate, i do enjoy speed work and even when I was at a higher bodyfat at 235lbs I could jump a 30 inch box easy and could have jumped more if they had a bigger one (tried plates but was too unstable)
Sometimes I want to be really organised but I rarely stay that way for longer than a few weeks expect if I see some positive result from it regarding my current goal, on the flipside I am actually really good with delayed gratification.
I wouldn’t say I’m an extrovert but definitely not an introvert, I just prefer to listen other than talk except if I really for something to say.
I love to win and I win mostly for myself. I mean it feels good to be respected and what not but its not enough of a motivator for me to do anything.
I could go on and on and give my life story, and once I’m back to work and can afford a consultation maybe I will haha, but I’m just trying to give a picture of what I’m like to see what you think and how it goes with my results, if you get a chance to check them.

Thank you again coach