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Type 1B Layer System + Boxing/Judo


Hi Coach,

how about doing layer system 3-4 times a week and 1-2 times a week boxing/judo as type 1B?

my goals are size and some strength

layer 1: 4x 6sec max effort isolation
layer 2: ramp up to 2rm
layer 3: 3 cluster sets of 4-6 reps
then other 1 or 2 exercises

OHP (arms or butterfly superset with butterfly reverse 3-4sets)

Squat (legcurls)

Bench (upper back)

SGHP emom 10 2-3 reps, then Rack Deads layer 2-3 (biceps)

Or what would you recommend?

thank you!


I assume that in layer 1 you mean isometrics, not isolation

1Bs should not do isometrics

They should do explosive work for activation


Which layers would be suitable for type 1b, can you give an example?


The original post gives an example…just no isometrics.
Your posts are 4 weeks apart. Taking this seriously, huh? :confused: