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Type 1B, Four Seasons of Lifting?

Hey! New to the forum but love your stuff! Seems like everyone on here is positive. For the longest time, I competed Crossfit and built up a high volume tolerance. However, during that time I did intermittent fasting and stayed low carb. I attempted (up until about a month or so ago) to sustain that same high volume that I competed with, but I have other responsibilities (like mentioned in your post) now that I cannot, nor do I desire to, commit to anymore. I am a soon to be doctor (DSW) practicing psychiatry and other work stressors. However, I love my job.

I took your neurotype test and scored a 1B. I came to this conclusion around a month ago after I do high intensity training, I have the workout hangover and my face gets dry/cant retain water. I bought your high frequency plan on thibarmy, too. Eating carbs in the morning and been doing a couple weeks of backing off with neural charge workouts and feeling much, much better.

Starting that plan on Monday, and its 12 weeks. However, I also read some of your “four seasons of lifting” and for my neurotype, I was attracted to that. I just want to know what your thoughts would be on where to go/how to change up for the spring/summer/autumn/ winter months, and if that would be applicable/smart thing to do?