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Type 1B Coordination Problems

Hey CT,

Im a type 1b and have the typical characteristics of high acetycholine levels -> really good short-term memory, can connect information quick, love to multitask and can sustain a fairly high training volume, but my coordination is really bad since birth.

I started walking much later than other kids, like to multitask but often fail at something while doing it and am not really talented at producing force fast ( can squat 2,2xBW but fail to jump over 28inches from standstill), but I dont know why.

Do you know of anything neurogical that inhibits me from using my potential?

Best Regards

That is likely originating from your very early childhood. Maybe your environment, the stimulation your received were suboptimal to develop one of the 3 key systems required for optimal coordination (visual, proprioceptive, vestibular).

In many ways a parent is like a coach to his kids. Not just athletic coach but life coach. I have my kid do things that people might call crazy, I’ve been throwing him in the air since he was three months old (develops the vestibular system) and doing the “airplane” to develop vestibular and visual.

Here is a drill we do daily, this was the first time we tried it. 9 months old.

We do daily drills like rolling or bouncing a ball toward him or creating mazes he must go through, but we also leave him play by himself… we leave all this toys on the floor and he free-play to develop creativity and decision-making.

We do many other things like having him follow a toy with his eyes, etc.

So much of what we call “natural talent” comes from the first 2 years of your life. High acetylcholine gives the potential to have great coordination, but if you didn’t develop the 3 required systems properly when you were developing your brain you might always have a slower motor learning.

Really cool stuff you doing there. You had an instagram post saying your kid got the neurological characteristics of your wife if I remember correctly? Then hes probably gonna be a beast in the future with your coaching/education.

My family life as a kid was kind of unique so the things you mentioned are unfortunately very likely. After searching a little bit in the internet and doing a few tests Im pretty sure my vestibular system is screwed up, maybe also my proprioceptive system. Do you think its still worth training these system in my twenties/is it possible to improve these?

And does this prevent my muscles from firing at full strength at high speed movements? Im more of a fascia-driven athlete(38-39 inch approach vert), but still a 28inch standing vert is just too low for my strength levels.

Thanks for taking the time to answer and giving an insight about this topic.

Best regards.

Yeah you can still improve it, although it can be a long process and it, sadly, outside of my realm of competencies.

Look up my friend Mat Boulé https://www.facebook.com/mathieuboule) who is a posturologist and specialized in these issues. He might be able to help you out.

Training since 10 years, so If I need to invest 1-2 years for that to finally use my muscle strength, I will do that gladly.

Thanks for the help and the information. Will definetly look him up!

Regards and have a nice weekend

CT !

You should write an article about Babies, what to do when they are at this age 0-2 years old and why to do that. Its kindda interresting !

He had a great podcast with Joel from Just Fly Sports about that topic.

-> https://www.just-fly-sports.com/podcast-143-christian-thibaudeau/


I’m actually giving a speech on that topic. Well it’s about what to do from birth to pro level.

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