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Type 1B and GTG Method

Hello! I’ve been using grease the groove method for a long time and I’m seeing great results. I’m type 1b. My concern is that when I do my first set of the day it feels completely horrible, all hurts and It feels like It weighs more. When I go for the second set of the day It feels easier and easier, I’ve noticed that when I jump before It feels better and better but I don’t know If that should happens. Is there a formula to “wake my body”? Thanks in advice


If you are 1B it’s totally normal.

For that reason, it’s very important for them to focus on activation drills prior to starting their workouts: jumps, throws, high speed movements, etc. The focus needs to be on speed – moving violently but without creating a lot of fatigue. Example: 3 sets of 5 vertical jumps. Or striking a tire with a sledgehammer for 3 sets of 12 seconds.

That’s what you’re asking for ?

Yes! Thank you so much. Make sense but I don’t know If that will create a lot of fatigue on my nervous system and that’s why I asked. Thank you very much for your time my friend!