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Type 1A/B and Salt Intake

Hi CT,

As I was watching your videos on 1A/1B and dieting… I think that one of the big factors worth mentioning for us type 1s, is the massive need for salt. Since adrenaline and dopamine go hand in hand and sodium helps with high adrenaline. I’m thinking more salt = more motivation.

I’ve been enjoying a high protein, moderate to low carb and fat diet (in %). What I’ve noticed is the massive cravings for salt. Makes me think of Efferding who seems like a poster dude for type 1s and is huge on high sodium… makes me think of all those athletes you mention who love their CHEESEburger and chicken wings… sodium galore. And yes I love very high salt junk food. That’s why reasonably clean cheese, mostly feta, is a big staple.

Opinions from other type 1s?


That is very interesting! I’ve never thought about that! Come to think of it, I’m a HUGE salter myself and adrenaline is my driving neurotransmitter and it seems that when I’m tired I crave salt more.


I was looking back through the forum and saw this post. I tested as a 1b. I’ve been big on salt for quite awhile, but especially for one reason. I work an outside labor type job and every summer when it got real hot, and I worked in the sun all day, I got headaches no matter how much water I drank. One day it dawned on me, I need more salt! I proceeded to eat more salt and even take a couple salt pills (thermotabs) durring the day. It cured my headaches and made me far more resistant to over heating. I figured it was because the salt allowed me to retain more water. Without the extra salt, I would just urinate out any extra water I drank. It would be very interesting to me if this was a neurotype specific thing and accualy had an effect on hormones or neurotransmitters.