Type 1A and Lack of Adherence

Hi coach! As I said in the title I’m a type 1a even I knew it when you didn’t have your neurotype system. Lately I’m a little concerned I’m jumping in and out of programs much more frequently than I would like. I have your program for type 1a and I followed a lot but I like a lot to train my whole body and with a lot of frequency. You nailed it in your article about type 1 because I can’t agree more with it you did it so well.
I’m asking you since I’m not enjoying my training and I’m a little bit sad about it, I have a little home gym so I can’t use a lot of machines or equipment but I do want to train and be happy with it again. What do you recommend? I have responded well to blitz cycles in different exercises but that’s it, then I think that any other program could bring me more results and I dropped it inmediatly, making me feel more anxious about doesn’t have adherence.
Thanks a lot for your time and for writing this article, because I know that I’m not a strange person.