Type 1A/1B - Overestimating Athletic Ability?

Hey Coach, my results came and im a bit confused. I was always drawn to speed, power sports, but i was not the fastest kid in highschool or ever for that matter. I was competing for the last 3 years in weightlifting and won a couple of medals at nationals, but still could not vert jump impressive height.

1B profile characteristics describe me very well, as in competetive, variation, easy motor learning, multitasking, goal driven, takes risks, thrill seeker.

The 1A part is hate rules, acts on impulses, doing things my way, tends to burn the candle both ways, dealing with authority no bueno (you will respect my AUTHORITAAAAH) :slight_smile:

Should i train like a 1A, or 1B with lower volume or less explosive stuff but keep the variation??

Thanks, much love from Croatia

You’d likely be a 1A, and your competitiveness makes you think you’re a better athlete than you are so you identify with the 1B profile.

Happens to the best of us!

Was hoping for the coaches @Christian_Thibaudeau answer. Today when i was doing military press i tried to use the stretch reflex, it felt very off, but when i stopped at the bottom, squeezed the bar and then pushed, it flew up. With the squats i remember that even if i had to do sets of 8, i would rapid fire them so the set would last for around 15 seconds tops, which as i learned is also a 1A characteristic.

Thanks for the help, and your reply. Appreciate it

That would be my evaluation too. 1A tend to be VERY confident and overestimate their capacities. If they over estimate their athletic capacities it can lead to a result like that.


Thank you very much. See you in Montebelluna in november at the seminar

Excellent! Things will get even more clear at that point! To me, based on your score you would actually be 1A. Your hihg 1B score would be due to both an overestimation of your athletic capacities and a high noradrenaline level (which can also increase memory). My thinking is that if you would have been a 1B your 2A score would likely have been a bit higher.

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