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Type 1 Training and Diet


A little about me first, I am a type one diabetic that’s what got me into lifting. I’ve been consistent for almost 5 years now only missing a handful of workouts in that five years. I have a home gym and that is part of why I’m starting this log is for advise from you guys and too share my own experiences. I workout with my wife (shes a beast) lol but other then that I don’t have any outside input on my training, diet or physique other then my own knowledge I’ve learnws through trial and error over the years. I have tried many diffrent routines and dieted a few diffrent ways. I feel strong enough about it now to say I am finally really understanding my body and I’ve found things that work for me and things that don’t. To this point in my body changing experience I’ve done the traditional bulking and cutting, I started 5 years ago at 180lbs skinny fat I “bulked” up to a fluffy 225lbs in about two years and then cut back down too 190lbs in about 6 or 7 months I felt way too small at 190lbs so I spent two more years packing on weight and got up too 250lbs the heaviest and strongest I’ve ever been. For me I was strong as hell compared to where I started but way to fat so July 2015 right after my 2nd son was born I decided enough of the rollar coaster, I was 250lbs at that point and I’m not down too 217.6lbs and starting to lean out pretty good already I thing ounce I get my bf where I want it I will be a lot happier with my size now (I’ll always be too small). I’ve also been busting some PRs I set at 250lbs now down 30lbs. So here it goes I will Daily be adding my training and diet and updates hope it helps to motivate or yall can help critique. I weigh in once a week and tonight happens to be the days I weight in so I will update that tonight.


I am very interested in following this log to see how other Type 1’s train.