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Type 1 Diabetic Pre-Game Meal

type 1 diabetic here. I play high school basketball and i have found that if i eat too close to the game my stomach hurts and i usually get high blood sugar, but if i eat two or more hours before I dont have enough energy come gametime.

I was thinking of having a fat and carb meal two and a half hours before and then having about 20 grams of carbs and 15 grams of protein about half an hour before the game. What do people think about this plan for a diabetic?

It all depends on whether or not you want to be taking insulin around game time, and if you are comfortable in doing so.

yeah sorry i should have said. My goal is to not take insulin within at least an hour of the game. I find that if I take insulin near gametime my blood sugar crashes. Even if I’m close to 300, and i take just one unit of novolog, my blood sugar will go low.

You have the right idea about mixing carbs and protien to sustain your blood sugar. All you can really do is experiement and see what works for you.

Do you take Lantus? One days when I would lift or do spinning or know I would be doing a sustained cardio activity I would take less Lantus in the morning, I was taking it is two doses at the time. This would help me avoid lows though I would have to check my BG alot and sometimes have a snack mid activity just to keep going.

Lows are a huge problem, but I’ve found that when competing at a high intensity such as a basketball game, recovery, endurance, and performance in general are also greatly effected by a high blood sugar. My mouth gets dry, I become slow and sluggish, and I just generally feel like shit.