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Type 1 Diabetic, Carb Question

As a guy with T1 diabetes my numbers are always best when I eat no carbs at night, including my dinner meal. In your program for Natural Bodybuilders, you suggest carbs at night for your given reasons. I eat plenty of complex, low GI, carbs at breakfast, mid am snack, lunch and after my w/o in the afternoon. Is there any other arrangement I can use to afford me the benefits you mention for eating carbs at dinner and before bed ?

Take magnesium (1000-1500mg) and glycine (5g) in the evening to lower cortisol and adrenaline

Thanks for the quick reply. I take magnesium oxide at bed time, but only 400mg. There are 3 or so magnesium’s I’ve read, is the oxide effective in your opinion ? I can certainly increase the amount. I don’t take glycine, but will find it and get some.

Oxide is probably the worst kind. I’d go with magnesium taurate or threonate as the best choices.

Thanks brother