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Type 1 Diabetic Beginner


I am a type 1 diabetic in my 40’s and trying to build muscle, can anyone suggest how much cardio I should be doing that I can build muscle but still keep my heart pumping


Calories in - calories out = Calorie surplus (if positive)

Youd like to be somewhere between 400-700 per day. Monitor and adjust accordingly (if you wanna run a lot, then youd have to eat a lot too)

I like to track my calories with Myfitnesspal app. Check it out and let the gains begin!

With regards to the Type I diabetes variable input I do not have a clear idea how would that affect. But as long as you in a caloric surplus, it should be alright.

Good luck


Thank you, I appreciate your response


Your goals are your own, but given your diabetes and age, IMO cardiovascular health needs to take precedence over hyooge muscles and hawt abz. Recommend you do as much cardio as recommended by your physician, and build your lifting around that.