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Type 1 Diabetic, 23 Years Old


5'11, 182 lbs

Personal Bests:
Bench - 275
Squat - 335
Power Clean - 275
Deadlift - 405 (bar only, no chalk/belt/straps)
I don't usually lift for max out reps though.

Yea so I have had diabetes since age ~1.75, not much fun. I could never do athletics. Started lifting in high school to lose weight (was 190 lbs and gaining, no muscle). I haven't remembered a day in my life without taking shots of insulin. That's probably ironic for some of the bb'ers out there.

I lift/exercise a lot because having to taking insulin all the time makes it very easy to gain weight (duh). Plus I don't want the diabetic neuropathy to get me by the time I'm old. Not to sway the votes my way or anything though haha. Rate it.


First off, congrats on doing so well with diabetes, one of my best friends has diabetes and he just lost so much weight, i guess its different for everyone, but it looks as if you have it really well under control.

Secondly, before I make any comments on the physique, could you provide a few other pictures with different poses to make a better assessment?

Thirdly, first glance I'd say that your trap development looks pretty good but you def. could be thicker all around, how long have you been lifting?


First of all your power clean is impressive. Also paradigm does your friend have type 1 of 2 diabetes there is a difference. You look lean have a good beach look but in terms of bodybuilding and stuff your small, but you look good.


yea i like to make olympic/power lifts the center piece of my strength training.


Actually I never asked. I don't think he ever mentioned it. It was a bit scary though when we first found out. He was in the hospital for a while because I believe of an extreme SPIKE of his sugar levels, but after he got out and under control, he probably has gone from 250lbs to at least 150 in a the past 2 years. Crazy.