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Type 1 Athlete, Nutrition and Supplements?

  1. I read that its not best thing for a type 1 to eat carbs before a workout. What do you suggest to eat before a workout after the day at work ( the small snack before the gym time ).

  2. I know there is nothing magic about supplementation, but witch supplement ( or does’t it exist ) that can keep the dopamine higher ? or help to stay high ?

Search for Dieting for your Neurotype to get some ideas. But, to answer the second question: Tyrosine

I search i didn’t found any example of snack pre gym without carbs ! I thought about greek yogourt with banana ?

Thank you for the tyrosine ! When are you taking it for maximum result ?

There are plenty!

The best is tyrosine as it is a precursor to dopamine. It even works for type 2A (they rely in adrenaline and adrenaline is made from dopamine, so increasing dopamine will help increase adrenaline). When I take a supplement high in tyrosine (e.g. Brain Candy, but I also supplement straight tyrosine) I get super productive and happy. Heck, I took a large dose of tyrosine 3 days a go because it was 4am (feeding the baby) and felt too lazy to measure 2g so I took the whole 5g scoop. Well from 4 to 7 I fed the baby, wrote an article, shovel the snow on the patio and vacuumed the house… and midway through it all I thought “am I actually enjoying vaccuming?”.

Rhodiola will also help. Why? Because rhodiola increase the duration of effect of dopamine.

Cordyceps is also awesome at increasing dopamine as well as ATP production and macuna pruriens is a direct precursor to dopamine (macuna contains L-dopa).

Theanine, when added to a dopamine protocol will give your a longer lasting sense of well being and focus (it is also in Brain Candy).

Take Brain Candy (maybe even spike it with some more tyrosine) and Rhodiola and you’ll feel amazing and perform even better.


Cool i will try it ! Is there a best way to take it ? Before, after the workout ?

And what about the snack preworkout when im hungry after work ? ( and don’t want to decrease dopamine levels )