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TylerCarter's Log



1) Height: 5feet7.5inches

2) Weight: Currently 155lbs

3) Number of years training seriously: I have been weight training for six years, but only recently got into bodybuilding.

4) Training experience, including current program:

5) Olympic-lift variations you know how to perform: Power clean, power snatch, jerk

6) Athletic background: Played 3-5 competitive sports every year until I was 15, and then

7) Primary fitness goal (choose one): gain muscle

8) Secondary fitness goals: lose fat, increase work capacity, body recomposition, gain strength, improve athletic performance

9) Days per week you can train: 6

10) Amount of time available to train each workout: 20-30 minutes

11) Time of day you train: variable

14) Current injuries (if any):
Not especially injury prone, but I occasionally have wrist issues, and my elbows can't handle skull crushers.

15) Lifts (if any) you need to avoid due to safety issues: Exercises involving an open hand while the wrist is extended. No other exercises need to be avoided.

16) Do you currently have trouble falling asleep at bedtime?

I used to do workouts at 11pm daily, so on occasion, I feel like deadlifting instead of sleeping.

17) When you wake up in the morning, are you an easy starter or you do
need some extra time and stimulants to start your day?

I need to be fully awake for an hour before I'm ready to operate a motor vehicle.

18) Health issues (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.): None

19) Total calories consumed on training days: not enough

20) Total calories consumed on non-training days: still not enough.

21) Total grams of carbs consumed on training days: unknown

22) Total grams of carbs consumed on non-training days: unknown

Describe in detail your workout nutrition:

Post-workout whey mixed with water.

Other supplements I use on a DAILY basis:

Cod liver oil 3-4g
Curcumin 1-4 capsules (depends how my wrists and elbows feel)
Grow! whey protein
D3 5,000-10,000IU
Zinc (Calcium-free) 25-50mg
Magnesium 250-1000mg
Creatine 5g
Metamucil 2tsp



8am- 16oz water
9am- 1g cod liver oil,5000 vitamin D
10am- sugar free orange Metamucil in water
12pm- Trap bar deadlifts 225 for four sets of six standing on a plate (I'm new to the implement, so I'm still not sure what weights I can use), dips three sets of six with bodyweight
1230pm- three pulled pork sangwiches (homemade, microwaved)
1pm- 18g protein and 5g creatine blended with chocolate milk
330pm- worked up to 225lb bench press, dropped to 175 and did two sets of eight with a wider grip then dropped to 155 and did two more sets of eight with a narrow grip
4pm- 5g BCAA
5pm- 5oz raw spinach
7pm- half gallon of whole milk, 2tsp unflavored metamucil
9pm- 5oz raw spinach, played Kinect for an hour (broke a sweat after 20 minutes)
11pm- banana, 750mg magnesium, 25mg zinc, 5000IU vitamin D, 1 cap curcumin


4 fried eggs, 10oz bacon, 16oz milk


Yesterday's and tomorrow's lunch



9am- 16oz water
10am- creatine and BCAAs (BCAAs are said to decrease DOMS, which describes my entire posterior for the two days following those trap bar deads, which is clearly a new stimulus)
12am- 4 fried eggs, 10oz bacon, 16oz whole milk
2pm- light workout consisting of squats, cleans, overhead pressing, and front squats using 135# for all
4pm- more BCAAs (fruit punch is a little tart)


I've been having a hard time connecting to the site lately so I'm going to just start carrying around a notebook instead.